Tune your sleep with the SleepTuner™

Find and fix what really matters to get the sleep you need

How to wear your SleepTuner

Apply adhesive to SleepTuner

Just prior to use, peel off a single adhesive sticker from the sheet of adhesives.

Apply adhesive to SleepTuner

Apply the adhesive to bottom of SleepTuner with the round tab opposite the USB-C port and peel off printed label by bending tab back to expose edge.

Seat SleepTuner on forehead

Place SleepTuner in the top center of your forehead and firmly press to ensure complete contact.

The ultra-compact SleepTunerTM combines photoplethysmography (PPG) and 3-axis accelerometer technology to accurately record the following sleep insights:

Measure Sleep Duration

  • Multi-night recording
  • % time-on-side
  • Integrated Sleep Journaling

Track Heart Rate

  • Average nightly heart rate
  • Beats per minute detail graphing
  • Multi-night Recording and target range

Optimize Nighttime Breathing

  • Detect Stopped Breathing Events
  • Track impact of sleep position on breathing and oxygen levels
  • Multi-night trends & target range

Improve Oxygenation

  • Average Nightly Oxygen Saturation
  • Hourly Recording
  • Multi-night trends & target range

It all starts with the SleepTuner

The SleepTuner is a feather light sleep lab that gives you the ground truth about your sleep with clinical grade data using an optical sensor and accelerometer. Our app makes it really easy to use and interpret.

SleepTuner in hand

Maximum accuracy and clinical-grade data

The forehead placement of the SleepTuner ensures the most accurate measurement of blood oxygen.

A rich set of metrics delivered each morning:

  • Sleep Duration
  • Stopped Breathing Events
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep Positions
  • Quality of Breathing in Positions
  • and more ...

Trends over time

Monitor different aspects of your sleep quality and the factors that might be affecting it.

So light and small you can barely feel it. And yet durable with a rechargeable battery. Use anytime, anywhere, as many times as you want. Here’s what our users have to say ...

“It doesn't bother me to wear it like a watch would”
“Light, can’t feel you’ve got something on your forehead”
“I like the size and attach point. I don't feel it like I do other devices like rings and watches. I have trouble falling asleep when I wear a ring or a watch.”

Next-generation precision sleep technology

Exploded view of Beddr sleep quality measurement device

Clincally Validated Accuracy

The SleepTuner is FDA-cleared and performs at par with pulse oximeters used in hospitals. Need we say more?

Endorsed by leading sleep physicians

“This is a leap forward in usability. I’m excited to see its impact on a largely under-served need in sleep health.”
Meir Kryger, MD.
Leading sleep expert. Former President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
“It’s great to be part of a pioneering solution that is consumer friendly and provides evidence-based solutions for the diversity of sleep problems that can seriously impact people’s health and quality of life.”
Jagdeep Bijwadia MD
Chief Medical Officer

Get Started - Risk Free

Use the SleepTuner for a few nights to see how well you’re sleeping and to uncover deep insights. Tune your sleep every few weeks after that.
Beddr stands behind each SleepTuner with a 15-day trial period with 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Plus free shipping!

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SleepTuner with mobile app

Sleep, sync, & see your results

Using Beddr is easy

Step 1: 

Apply fresh medical-grade adhesive to SleepTuner
Step 2: 

Place the device on your forehead
Step 3: 

Start an assessment in the mobile app
Step 4: 

Go to sleep
Step 5: 

Sync in the morning to see your results
Applying adhesivePlacing SleepTunerSleep assessmentSleep assessment resultsStarting Sleep Assessment

Whether at home or traveling, Beddr is small & lightweight

Everything you need is included

  • Beddr SleepTuner
  • Protective Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 12 Hypoallergenic Adhesives
  • USB-C Charging Cable and Power Adapter