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Want to measure your oxygen saturation while you sleep?

Measuring your oxygen levels overnight can be important, and Beddr’s SleepTuner® is an easy-to-wear lightweight overnight solution

Measure your overnight oxygen levels to understand how well you’re breathing while you sleep. Beddr collects much of the same data that is captured in a sleep lab but from the comfort of your own bed. Just as hospitals monitor Covid-19 patient’s oxygen saturation levels, you can do the same from the comfort of your own home.

  • Track Stopped Breathing Events
  • Clinically validated accuracy
  • Identifies episodes where a person’s oxygen levels drop and a person stops breathing temporarily
  • Beddr’s app (iOS only) shows the number of poor breathing episodes each night, letting you see how often your oxygen levels might be dangerously low
  • Track Your Heart Rate
  • See how stopping breathing can cause spikes in your heart rate
  • Compare stopped breathing times with heart rate events
  • Developed by leading sleep physicians
  • Registered as a pulse oximeter with the FDA, the SleepTuner®  is comfortable to wear
  • Worn on the forehead for optimal nighttime sensing

Buy the SleepTuner® and begin monitoring this pulse oximeter while you sleep. If you’re monitoring your oxygen and heart rate during your sleep because of Covid-19, please use code COVID at checkout for 10% off.




Important:  As the World Health Organization has acknowledged, with any at-home test there is always the possibility of faulty readings or incorrect use. Medical professionals should rely on their own clinical judgement and not just a reading on a device. If you get a strange pulse oximeter reading at home (and you're not feeling ill), you can check the device's accuracy on another healthy family member.  However, ANY time you feel unsure about a reading and experience any symptoms, you need to seek medical attention. It is equally important to not let a normal pulse oximeter reading give you a false sense of security if you're experiencing symptoms. If you experience any COVID symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, or fever, you should talk with your healthcare provider. Source:

Beddr in the News

CNBC Upstart 100


Washington Post

"It reads the oxygen in your blood and tries to identify when you stop breathing..."


Endorsed by leading sleep physicians

Meir Kryger, M.D.
Professor of Medicine at Yale School of Medicine, Former President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Chief Editor, Practice and Principles of Sleep Medicine

"The SleepTuner is a leap forward in terms of usability and access. I’m excited to see how it can impact this significantly underserved need.”

Jagdeep Bijwadia, M.D.
Board-certified in pulmonology and sleep medicine, Beddr Chief Medical Officer

“The Beddr SleepTuner accurately measures a person's oxygen level while they sleep. Oxygen is a critical piece of information to a sleep physician, because it could indicate a risk for a sleep apnea. If you or someone you care about is concerned about their sleep health let Beddr help.”

Brandon R. Peters, M.D.
Board-certified in both neurology and sleep medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center

“The Beddr Sleep Tuner is based on the best practices we use in a sleep clinic. Existing solutions on the market have limitations: they’re either inaccessible to most people due to high cost and complexity, or they are not accurately gathering the right information to deliver clinically valid insights. We need to manage this gap and find new approaches to solve our nation’s sleep problems. Beddr is doing just that.”

Loved by customers

Doug S.
Beddr User

"The SleepTuner is the only product that detected my unhealthy levels of stopped breathing events and oxygen saturation which drove me to get my sleep apnea diagnosed."

Dave B.
Beddr User

I’ve wrestled with sleep issues for years. I’ve had all the tests and talked to numerous doctors. The Beddr SleepTuner has helped me really understand what is going on nightly, and guided me to troubleshoot my sleep and solve key issues."

Brad H.
Beddr User

"Prior to Beddr SleepTuner I used almost every sleep monitoring device. SleepTuner picked up stopped breathing events the first night! After at least a week using it I showed the results to my Doctor and did a sleep study. As expected it detected moderate sleep apnea and the CPAP is on the way. Thanks to the team at Beddr!!"

Cutting Edge Science that fits in the palm of your hand

Measure Sleep Duration icon

Measure Sleep Duration

  • Multi-night recording
  • % time-on-side
  • Integrated Sleep Journaling
Track Heart Rate icon

Track Heart Rate

  • Average nightly heart rate
  • Beats per minute detail graphing
  • Multi-night recording and target range
Optimize Night time Breathing icon

Optimize Night time Breathing

  • Detect Stopped Breathing Events
  • Track impact of sleep position on breathing and oxygen levels
  • Multi-night trends & target range
Improve Oxygenation icon

Improve Oxygenation

  • Average Nightly Oxygen Saturation
  • Hourly recording
  • Multi-night trends & target range
Beddr sleep tracking device, packaging and sleep analysis application

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