Is your heart rate spiking while you sleep?

The Beddr SleepTuner is the first product that measures drops in blood oxygen, which impact your heart's health.

Are you looking to boost your nighttime blood oxygen levels?

The Beddr SleepTuner helps you understand how sleep position, breathing stoppages, and alcohol impact your blood oxygen levels.

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We've deeply discounted our sleep coaching program to do our bit in these challenging times. Schedule a free 15 min consult with Coach Ed to find out if it's right for you.

Beddr Named to CNBC Upstart 100 List for 2019

Beddr is pleased to announce that today we’ve been recognized as one of CNBC’s Upstart 100 companies. In CNBC’s own words, The Upstart 100 is CNBC’s exclusive list of promising young start-ups, featuring a diverse group of companies that are building brands and breaking industry barriers on the path to becoming tomorrow’s household names. To be eligible, companies must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for the 2019 CNBC Upstart 100 list:

  • No older than 5 years (founded no earlier than Jan. 1, 2014).
  • Be Series B or earlier in its funding.
  • Raised no more than $50 million in funding, regardless of series.
  • Private and independently owned.

In addition to this, CNBC considers key measures: scalability, sales growth, user/customer growth, workforce diversity, access to capital & community, intellectual property, and industry size/ industry life cycle stage. Over 600 companies applied for consideration, and Beddr finds ourselves in the august company of other upstarts across a wide variety of industries.

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The ultra-compact SleepTunerTM is like a sleep lab that fits in your pocket. SleepTuner is the smallest wearable that can reveal how your breathing and position impact your sleep quality.

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Beddr shared our perspective with CNBC that poor sleep is making us sick, obese and unhappy. We spend $30 billion on products to improve our sleep but find few real solutions. Beddr has developed the first digital sleep clinic that integrates an FDA cleared sleep sensor, a nationwide telemedicine network of sleep physicians, and a team of behavioral sleep coaches into a single digital solution designed to address the root causes of sleep problems including physiological (apnea), psychological (insomnia) and behavioural (sleep hygiene). 

Further, Beddr has seen strong customer and sales growth, a diverse workforce, and strong product development focused on helping people achieve their true sleep with a suite of products designed to help people get to the root of their sleep issues. Beddr recently announced precision sleep health for employers, and looks forward to making these programs available to all sleepers.

Thanks CNBC Upstart 100 for the honor!

November 12, 2019