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Beddr Holiday Sleep Tips

Infographic of Holiday Sleep Tips - Ready for the holidays? Let's make certain you sleep Beddr(R). Things that impact sleep during the holidays: ☃  Noticeable shifts in what you eat or drink ☃ Drinking more alcohol than usual ︎  ☃  Changes in your normal sleep & wake times ☃ Changes in routine or schedule  ☃ Sleeping in your childhood bed, on the couch, or in a strange hotel  ☃ General holiday/end of year stress ☃ And so on...How can YOU get your BEST possible sleep? Wake up at the same time every day. If you experience increased awake time during the night, resist the urge to sleep in.  Enjoy...and give it time. While you indulge in holiday meals and treats, remember that rich foods can impact your sleep, so a little moderation goes a long way. Take time between meals and getting ready for bed (i.e. allow your meal to settle), going straight to bed after a large meal can keep you awake.  Watch the caffeine. It can be easy when you need a few more hours in the day to give yourself a little jolt. Just remember that it takes 4 hours to rid your body of half the caffeine you’ve consumed. A glass of cold water can give you a pick me up. Later in the evening, drink a nice cup of peppermint, cinnamon, or other seasonal herbal tea instead of coffee or soda.  Don’t worry if you can’t fall asleep quickly. Try to replicate your home sleep environment as much as possible - temperature, darkness, sound, even pillow. If you find yourself lying in bed trying to fall asleep for more than 20 minutes, get up out of bed and go somewhere else. But don’t stray too far. Maybe relax in a chair in the bedroom or move to a different room altogether.   Find moments to do some physical activity. If you exercise regularly, do your best to stick to your routine. If you go to a gym and are traveling, check to see if it has reciprocal membership or find a nearby one that will let you drop in for a few days. Look up nearby parks where you can walk if the climate allows, do some simple exercises where you’re staying, and try to take a short walk after delicious holiday meals.   Don’t let the worries overwhelm your thoughts  - write them down. Get the chaos out of your head onto paper. This will help you to feel more on top of all the holiday zaniness and make certain that you’re not going to jump out of bed saying “oh no, I forgot to…”  Set expectations for yourself. If traveling, remind yourself that it may be an adjustment of a night or so before you feel comfortable sleeping in this new environment. You can create a better sleep environment and follow along with other tips, but it’s also important to be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up for not getting a great night of sleep the first night away from home. If you’re staying home, know what nights you may be hosting others and need to focus on rest. Traveling? Create an environment conducive to sleep. Be bold and tell family members what you need. Ask for certain temperatures, pillows, an extra blanket, or whatever you need to sleep well. (!!!!)   Turn off the lights. Your room darkness during sleep should be no more than that of moonlight on a clear evening.  Stuck in a hotel room where the blinds won’t stay closed? Grab a pants hanger and clip the shades shut.  Pack things to make a strange sleep environment a little more homey.  Pack your own pillow or pillowcase, photos, or whatever makes a space feel cozy to you.  Consider bringing sleep aids. Pack ear plugs and eye mask, especially if you have to stay in public areas of a loved one’s house.  Eliminate the light. Cover up digital clocks and DVRs with a thick piece of paper, unplug them if you don’t need them, or turn them around so you don’t have light shining in your eyes. Consider plugging your devices in a different room from where you’re staying.  Staying in a hotel? Ask for a room on a higher floor and away from elevators. Check alarm clocks to make certain they aren’t set to go off, or even unplug them.  Bonus: If you’re overly concerned and anxious about lack of sleep when you travel, give yourself the chance to opt out and stay home. Have out of towners staying with you? Plan ahead. Plan ahead as to where people will sleep. Keep in mind if your guests are earlier or later risers than you, so that you can have them sleep so they will disturb your sleep less.   Think about what you can do to provide an environment conducive to sleep and check in with your guests prior to their arrival. Avoid fights over the thermostat and keep things at the best temperature for sleep - between 60 - 67 degrees. Make up beds in advance, so your guests feel welcome, but don’t be offended if they show up with their own pillows.  Put away unused electronics. Make it so guests don’t have to cover them up. Think about things that may make noise and provide a heads up.  Stock a few non-alcoholic options in your kitchen. Set expectations and speak up. If you’re a night owl and your family members are larks and rise early, let them know what you need.

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November 25, 2019