We’ll help everyone on your team find their true sleep

33% of your team has sleep issues but most don’t know the cause or what to do. Some may even turn to sleeping pills and alcohol in an attempt to sleep better. Every year it costs you $5,700 per sleep deprived employee, from lower productivity, increased absenteeism, higher incidence of mental health issues, and a wide range of chronic diseases.

Beddr Sleep is the only comprehensive solution for all sleep problems. We meet each user where they are and guide them to their best sleep:

Gather Data

We gather a comprehensive set of clinically validated data to determine the root causes of your employees’ sleep problems whether they be insomnia, sleep apnea or poor sleep hygiene

Access to Experts

We provide easy access to experts for full-spectrum care, who can work with your employees to understand their sleep, form better habits, and diagnose and prescribe therapy if necessary

Effortless Roll Out

We make it easy to roll out to your employees, maximize their engagement and glean insights

Beddr SleepTuner app icon

Beddr SleepTuner and App

Help your team go beyond sleep tracking. Our FDA cleared sensor is easy to use, comfortable and puts clinical grade data and the insights that matter the most directly in their hands.

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Empower your team with personalized guidance. Insightful content, sessions with a sleep coach and access to sleep physicians, to understand and improve their sleep.

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Expert Answers

Everyone who has a concern has a question but timely expert information is hard to find. Give your team answers from our trusted sleep physicians, privately, and in 24 hours.

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Virtual Consults

Care is often delayed, sometimes forever, due to lack of quick, easy and consumer friendly access. Give your team the ability to consult sleep physicians anytime anywhere.

Beddr Sleep is an essential employee benefit



Your team will enjoy better health, morale and resilience to stress and disease. Plus, navigate their sleep with confidence and trust for higher productivity and safety.



Address all sleep issues be they physical, psychological or sleep hygiene related. Avoid the hassle of multiple limited solutions for specific issues.



Save $5,700 per employee each year by ensuring their sleep gets timely and expert care.



Sleep is relatively unchartered territory even in healthcare. Give your team trusted quality care with our national network of expert sleep physicians, psychologists, and coaches.



You can leave outreach and enrollment, and participant engagement and satisfaction to us. Get in-depth expert insights for helping your team while maintaining privacy at all times.

Employer case study

Beddr Sleep engaged with a transportation company that is part of a big conglomerate to help their employees find healthy sleep. We experienced a strong interest in the program and an acute need amongst applicants for our services. We had strong engagement and meaningful impact on the sleep health of highly satisfied participants.


Our outreach revealed an acute need for better information and access to solutions. 83% of applicants with sleep issues were not sure what to do about them or had no plans of seeking expert care.

Sleep issue chart


100% of participants were able to understand issues underlying their poor sleep, and start making changes to improve them.

90% of participants determined at risk for apnea opted to seek expert care for diagnosis and treatment (industry avg. is 20%).

40% of participants had already improved their sleep within 4 weeks of coaching.

An additional 40%, identified as at risk for sleep disorders, were confident about achieving substantial improvement with diagnosis and treatment within the program.


60% of participants were delighted with the program.

80% felt the coaching was excellent.



The program received a Net Promoter Score of 44 (Avg. for Health Plans in 2019 is 14).

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