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Beddr’s approach to true sleep is steeped in the latest sleep research and employs the best technologies for clinical grade assessments.

Beddr is committed to helping you find True Sleep - a science backed, evidence based, medically sound, nuanced and comprehensive definition of healthy sleep for each of you.

Our approach and the science behind Beddr’s True Sleep

We believe that True Sleep is foundational to our physical and mental health and should be addressed in a credible, responsible way.  True sleep is a science backed, evidence based, medically sound, nuanced and comprehensive definition of what comprises achievable healthy sleep for each of us  - in the here and now of our lives, personalities, preferences and constraints. We have developed a holistic solution - with some of the world’s leading sleep physicians and researchers, leveraging decades of sleep science, clinical best practices, and the best of wearables, consumer apps, and data science - to help you improve your sleep.

The Beddr SleepTuner™ and mobile app (iOS*) bring the power of a featherweight sleep lab to your fingertips with high definition sleep assessments such as those used by researchers and physicians, but even better because they can be taken quickly, comfortably and repeatedly in the comfort of your bedroom. Our users say they don’t even feel the Sleep Tuner on their forehead because of how tiny, light and comfortable it is.

We have tested the SleepTuner’s oxygen measuring (SpO2) and Heart Rate functionality to clinical standards and verified its accuracy at the University of California San Francisco’s Hypoxia Lab in 2018. As an FDA Class II medical device, we benchmarked it to hospital grade oximeters used in acute care settings and not against over the counter finger pulse oximeter or fitness wearables as they are not the gold standard for accuracy.

We make these efforts in the service of what we call True Sleep, and are dedicated to helping you achieve it. Read more about True Sleep.

*Android will be available in 2020.

Meir Kryger, MD.
Leading sleep expert. Former President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Jagdeep Bijwadia MD
Chief Medical Officer

Beddr measures the things that matter to really understand your True Sleep

breathing quality icon

Breathing quality and stopped breathing events

Breathing quality is crucial for the oxygen you need to restore and repair your body during sleep. “Stopped breathing events” (SBEs) occur when your airways are blocked creating lapses in airflow and long and frequent lapses can starve your body of much needed oxygen and might be related to disorders like sleep apnea.

Spo2 icon

Oxygen saturation

Your body needs healthy blood oxygen levels through the night to repair and restore itself and store it for later use. Oxygen deprivation during sleep can lead to a host of permanent chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, cognitive functioning, depression, heart diseases, stroke, weight gain and dementia. We use the optimal position in your body which is most sensitive to variations in blood oxygen levels, to measure it.

Heart rate icon

Heart rate

Your heart rate is an important indicator of your health. Since there are many factors that affect it, it can fluctuate quite a bit through the night so your average resting heart rate is a good indicator of the overall functioning of your body. Stopped breathing events can increase your resting heart rate if they are acute and extensive through the night.

Sleep position icon

Sleeping position

Body weight and gravity affect air-flow in different ways in different sleep positions, which can affect breathing (and snoring). Everybody is different - people sleep in different positions through the night and this affects their breathing in different ways. Understanding your unique patterns can help you make changes that help you breathe and sleep better.

Sleep trends icon


See how factors such as sleep position, breathing, and alcohol consumption impact your sleep quality over time. This is designed to help you understand if changes you are making to improve your sleep are having an actual impact.

And more…

We’re constantly working to add features that help you find your True Sleep.

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