Is your apnea treatment improving your sleep health?

Learn if your CPAP, Custom Mouth Guard or Surgery are effective for improving your sleep health.

Were you diagnosed with sleep apnea but don't know if your treatment is still working?

Still feeling tired despite using CPAP, a custom mouth guard or corrective surgery?

Now you can assess the impact of your treatment quickly and easily

The Beddr SleepTuner is designed to objectively measure the impact of your treatment on your sleep health.

Our sensor is compatible with CPAP or mouth guard use to detect disrupted breathing while you sleep.

If the Beddr SleepTuner detects a potential issue, you'll have an early warning that you may want to talk with your doctor about: adjusting your CPAP mask or settings, refitting your mouth guard of making additional lifestyle changes to improve your sleep health.

Take these steps to Beddr sleep health



Setup and apply the ultra-compact FDA registered Beddr SleepTuner Sensor to your head.



Sleep as normal with both current apnea treatment and the Beddr SleepTuner Sensor activated to a record a night's sleep assessment.



Review results in the morning to see if your treatment is keeping your disrupted breathing in a normal range of if additional action is warranted.



Return to your Beddr SleepTuner as often as needed to re-assess the impact of your current treatment on your current treatment on your sleep health.

Measure what really matters with clinical grade accuracy

The ultra-compact SleepTuner combines a clinical-grade LED-based optical sensor system and 3-axis accelerometer technology to accurately record your oxygen levels, stopped breathing events, sleep position, heart rate, and more.

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