Beddr makes it easy to understand your true sleep

Learn about your sleep from the comfort of your own home

How to wear your SleepTuner

Apply adhesive to SleepTuner

Just prior to use, peel off a single adhesive sticker from the sheet of adhesives.

Apply adhesive to SleepTuner

Apply the adhesive to bottom of SleepTuner with the round tab opposite the USB-C port and peel off printed label by bending tab back to expose edge.

Seat SleepTuner on forehead

Place SleepTuner in the top center of your forehead and firmly press to ensure complete contact.

The ultra-compact SleepTunerTM combines photoplethysmography (PPG) and 3-axis accelerometer technology to accurately record the following sleep insights:

Measure Sleep Duration

  • Multi-night recording
  • % time-on-side
  • Integrated Sleep Journaling

Track Heart Rate

  • Average nightly heart rate
  • Beats per minute detail graphing
  • Multi-night Recording and target range

Optimize Nighttime Breathing

  • Detect Stopped Breathing Events
  • Track impact of sleep position on breathing and oxygen levels
  • Multi-night trends & target range

Improve Oxygenation

  • Average Nightly Oxygen Saturation
  • Hourly Recording
  • Multi-night trends & target range

It all starts with the SleepTuner™

The SleepTuner has the power of a sleep lab in a device the size of a nickel and gathers clinical grade metrics about your sleep, helping you to uncover the root causes of poor sleep, all while fitting into your lifestyle.
The SleepTuner™ uses an optical sensor and accelerometer to measure blood oxygen levels, stopped breathing events, heart rate, sleep position and time in bed.

SleepTuner in hand

Sleep, sync, & see your results

Using Beddr is easy

Step 1: 

Apply fresh medical-grade adhesive to SleepTuner
Step 2: 

Place the device on your forehead
Step 3: 

Start an assessment in the mobile app
Step 4: 

Go to sleep
Step 5: 

Sync in the morning to see your results
Applying adhesivePlacing SleepTunerSleep assessmentSleep assessment resultsStarting Sleep Assessment

Powered by Beddr’s custom built AI Sleep 360, the mobile app provides a view of key clinical sleep measures.

Sleep duration chart

Determine Sleep Duration
Measures the duration of your time in bed

Detect Breathing Issues
Stopped breathing events per hour (3% dips in SpO2)

Spo2 chart

Accurately Monitor Oxygenation
Overnight and 10-minute average oxygen saturation, sampled 60 times a second

Heart rate chart

Track Heart Rate
Average heart rate

Sleep position and breathing chart

Sleep Positionality and Breathing
Illustrates how sleep position coo-responds to stopped breathing events

Sleep quality trend chart

Analyze Trends
Track sleep and different factors that affect it over time

The Beddr SleepTuner measures drops in blood oxygen that can be caused by stopped breathing which may indicate risk for sleep apnea but a physician consultation and a formal sleep study are required  for a diagnosis of apnea.

Learn more about the science behind these measures.

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Whether at home or traveling, Beddr is small & lightweight

Everything you need is included

  • Beddr SleepTuner™
  • Protective Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 12 Hypoallergenic Adhesives
  • USB-C Charging Cable and Power Adapter

Designed by experts, the device has a long battery life and is as light as a feather

Exploded view of Beddr sleep quality measurement device

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