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How to wear your SleepTuner

Apply adhesive to SleepTuner

Just prior to use, peel off a single adhesive sticker from the sheet of adhesives.

Apply adhesive to SleepTuner

Apply the adhesive to bottom of SleepTuner with the round tab opposite the USB-C port and peel off printed label by bending tab back to expose edge.

Seat SleepTuner on forehead

Place SleepTuner in the top center of your forehead and firmly press to ensure complete contact.

The ultra-compact SleepTunerTM combines photoplethysmography (PPG) and 3-axis accelerometer technology to accurately record the following sleep insights:

Measure Sleep Duration

  • Multi-night recording
  • % time-on-side
  • Integrated Sleep Journaling

Track Heart Rate

  • Average nightly heart rate
  • Beats per minute detail graphing
  • Multi-night Recording and target range

Optimize Nighttime Breathing

  • Detect Stopped Breathing Events
  • Track impact of sleep position on breathing and oxygen levels
  • Multi-night trends & target range

Improve Oxygenation

  • Average Nightly Oxygen Saturation
  • Hourly Recording
  • Multi-night trends & target range

Timely medical care is crucial for your health

Sleep disorders, if not managed properly, can affect your quality of life, mental health and productivity. They can eventually lead to chronic and life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.  

The good news is that they are easy to diagnose and treat with timely and qualified medical care. This is why Beddr has teamed up with SleepMedRx to deliver virtual consults with sleep specialists (board-certified sleep physicians and nurse practitioners specialized in Sleep Medicine and supervised by sleep physicians). 

So if you....

Suspect you’re at risk of a sleep disorder and would like to confirm and treat it, look no further.

Would like a second opinion, you’re in the right place.

Have complaints or questions related to your sleep, don’t waste precious time.

What to expect

  1. Create an account using DocViaWeb to schedule a 30 minute virtual consultation with a SleepMedRx sleep specialist for $95. This takes 5 minutes.
  2. Do the 30 minute virtual consultation with the sleep specialist  at the appointed time. They can prescribe Home Sleep Tests if deemed appropriate and can diagnose and treat sleep apnea.
  3. If a Home Sleep Test (HST) is recommended and you wish to do it, it will cost $250. Insurance is accepted.
  4. Once you create an account, you can sign in to schedule any number of consults in the future. Each consult follows the same process and costs $95

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