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Lasting sleep improvement needs data-driven expert care

100 million Americans have poor sleep. And despite spending $50 billion on sleep solutions each year, most poor sleepers have no clear path to a sustainable solution. This costs us $411 billion as a society - from increased sickness, chronic disease, accidents and productivity losses.

This is because expert guidance using clinically significant data is crucial but not readily available, to unpack each person’s unique issues and fix them with a personalized plan - from behavior and lifestyle changes to screening for disorders and seeking timely care, to effective management of prescribed therapy. Until now... 

Beddr Sleep Coaching helps you find your best sleep with data-driven expert care  

Ed Pienkosz, our Head of Sleep Coaching and a sleep expert will collaborate with you to understand your issues and create an evidence-based plan to help you find rejuvenating sleep given your unique physiology, circumstances and preferences.  

This will leverage a range of data including your sleep data from the SleepTuner, so that the path forward is data-driven and conclusive, not speculative.  

Give yourself the gift of good sleep


If you're struggling with your sleep or simply want to improve your sleep, our four week sleep coaching program is designed to help you. In just a few hours a week, you'll see results by working with Beddr's coaching team through:

  1. 4 weekly sessions (via phone) with a coach, with flexible scheduling AND on-demand access via email
  2. Expert assessments of your sleep by your coach and sleep physicians who work with your coach, including sleep data collected by your SleepTuner and daily Sleep Logs filled by you
  3. Engaging expert content crucial to understand and improve sleep, delivered several times each week. And quizzes to help you retain and apply it
  4. Collaboratively building and applying a personalized action plan to reach your goal(s). Includes identifying and addressing patterns affecting your sleep, potential disorders, and issues with ongoing therapies
  5. Plus, your coach will let you know if your data indicates the potential value of a consultation with a medical specialist, and if you desire to do one, will guide you through the process*

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Healthy sleep will work wonders for you

  • Improved physical performance
  • Better mood and ability to cope  with stress
  • Lower risk of chronic conditions e.g., diabetes, dementia, hypertension, cardiac disease
  • Sharper concentration, higher safety
  • Restored sex drive
  • Stronger immunity, faster recovery
  • Easier weight management
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Not satisfied with your prescribed sleep therapy?
* Fees for medical consults with sleep specialists can be paid if and when you wish to use those services.
Please contact with any questions.